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Where is iPhoto on my MacBook? I thought iPhoto was standard to Apple products, but I bought this MacBook and it has no iPhoto. Is that unusual?

MacBook, iOS 6.0.1, No iPhoto
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    I have Mountain Lion, and my Mac is

    Processor  2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    Memory  4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

    Software  OS X 10.8.2 (12C60)

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    So now we have to BUY iPhoto? That is outrageous. Apple is so greedy. It isn't as if the company doesn't have enough money already, manufacturing all of their machines in dirt-cheap China and thereby denying Americans of manufacturing jobs, but now they don't even include iPhoto. This may be my last Apple product.

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    I thought iPhoto was standard to Apple products, but I bought this MacBook and it has no iPhoto. Is that unusual?

    All newer Macs (delivered with Mac OS X Lion or Mt. Lion) come with the iLife applications preinstalled. The Macs with SnowLeopard usually had the iLife applications included on the installation media that came with the computer. For older macs you had to buy iLife separately.


    How did you buy your mac? Are you the first owner?

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    I bought my Mac second hand.

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    The first owner should have given you all installation media as well. If the System installation CD/DVD includes the iLife applications, you can install them from this by installing only the bundled iLife applications. 

    Also, if the original system did not include the iLife apps, and the prevoius bought them separately, he/she has to erase them before selling the mac, as required by the licence.


    But the version of iPhoto that came with the mac, if any,  will probably only be iLife '9 and not iLife '11.

    To get the full use out of iPhoto with your current Mac OS Version Mt. Lion, you would be much better of by buying the current version  iPhoto '11 from the App Store. The upgrade from  iLife '9 and not iLife '11 is not free, it is a major new release. And Mt. Lion does not include the iLife applications. They have to be bought separately.

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    Thank you, Leonie. I will go to the Apple store and talk to the kind folks there. I appreciate your help with this -



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    Thanks for great answer - now I can stop looking for iPhoto and see how much it costs!