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I am so frustrated!!! I am trying to make a disc from an album in iPhoto to send to a friend. I picked photos from several other albums to create this new album in its own right. I went to burn a disc withinin iPhoto as the person I am sending these photos too has a Mac. But each and every time no what troubleshooting I do it says it is copying 223 photos but I always has about 20 more I do not want on the disc. When I do this through export it does not do this but I do not like the disc in that format, too slow to use. I want to create a disc in iPhoto. I did take the export disc, then downloaded it back to iPhoto under a new album name but  it still when I burn a disc within iPhoto occurs again.  I have now thrown away 8 discs and have spent 5 hours on this. What is going wrong here?

iPhoto '11, iOS 6.0.1
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    Even if you are frustrated, ask yourself two (2) simple questions :


    1. Why do I ask in the wrong forum?
    2. What have Mountain Lion and WiFi to do with my problem?
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    More ot learn. This is where iPhoto led me from help, did not look closely enough. First time I posted to this forum. Thanks for letting me know, will be more careful next time.

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    Select the 20 photos in iPhoto and use the File ➙ Export ➙ File Export menu option.  If you want the orignal files to be exported select Format=Original.  If you want the latest edited version select Format=JPEG.


    Save the files to a folder on the Desktop.  Insert a CD into the optical drive and drag the folder onto the disk's icon on the Desktop.  Then drag the disk to the Trash bin in the Dock to burn it.


    Burning a disc from inside iPhoto creates a mini iPhoto library on the disk that can only be used by a Mac with  iPhoto.


    Also your topic title has nothing to do with the problem you're having.  Next time make the title brief and relavant to the problem so others know whether to enter the topic or not.