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I bought iphone before and i returned it as soon as i got it because i didn't like it.


anyway, why do i get bill from verizon?


1. Verizon Billing invoice

   Total Charge : $249.23
   Due date : 11/27/2012


   Details of charge

    Account charge & credit : $106.45

          -Share every UNL TLK&TXT 2GB ($60.00/Month/24 days on new plan, 10/10-11/02) :  $46.45

          -Share every UNL TLK&TXT 2GB(month in advance,  11/03-12/02)  : $60.00

    Monthly access charge : $$70.97

          -Smartphone Line access 10/10-11/02 : $30.97

          -Smartphone line access 11/03-12/02(month in advance) : $40.00

    Verizon wireless surcharge $54.03

    Taxes, Governmental surchareges and fees : $17.78



I returned the phone i don't even have any phone for verizon.


dont u guys have responsibility to cancel the member ship too?


I also visited verizon store before i go to post office to return. They said the membership will be automatically canceled.


what to do now?

iPhone 5
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    Contact Verizon. Apple is not here, only users like you.

    And no, Apple does not have any responsibility to notify Verizon.

    Your wireless contract was between you and Verizon - only

    Verizon can straighten it out. Do not delay or you may run into

    charges for another month. You are responsible for charges as long

    as contract is in effec, whether you use iPhone or not. You will

    probably also be charged an ETF (early termination free) to get

    out of your contract before the 2 year period ended.


    If Verizon informed you that account would be cancelled automatically,

    the person who told you that mis-spoke. Go back to that location for

    assistance- ask for the manager if necessary.