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Please help

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    You cannot do it via the website - but you CAN do it from within iTunes.  There IS an option for "none" when selecting a credit card. (even after the account has been active for a long time and used)


    Once logged into iTunes, within the Store, on the right sidebar area, there is a section called Quick Links.  There is an option there to click on called "Account".


    You will see "payment type" and a link to "edit".  Click "edit" - then at the far right on the list of credit card types you can select, there is a gray icon that says "none".  Select this, and save.


    I hope this helps.


    From reading other posts, I thought it was not possible.  But, I called apple (to complain) - and they actually helped me with the above information.  I'm glad they did.  The same options were NOT available on the store website.

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    when I try to take off the card it doesn't say ''none" it always says "please select a card payment" it doesn't say anything about that but i will look and thank you for the help