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Is there a way to create a shortcut for Preview-Grab-Selection ? So after pressing 1 key I can make a selection with the mouse and the image is shown.

I tried to do it by automator but did not succeed. Also in Sytem Preferences, keyboardshortcuts it didn't work.

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    Got it ! Download application "Spark" Open "Spark".Choose File/New Hotkey/Applescript .Then enter a shortcut key(that isn't used already , like F16) , put in  a name and put in this applescript :


    Push "Create" at bottom right and

    don't forget to activate "Start Spark Deamon" at the bottom of window. Then close "Spark".

    And your shortkey will let you make any selection on your screen and save it to desktop AND opens it directly .(and only Spark deamon is active at background)

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    But how to activate this applescript by 1 key without application "Spark"(deamon) ?