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peachtree82 Level 1 (0 points)

Hey guys,


Just bought a brand new Mac Mini i7 (Late 2012) and connected it to a brand new DELL S2440L monitor. Connected via Monster HDMI Cable. Everything works as it should, mac mini updated the OS X to Version 10.8.2. The only problem I get once in a while is the monitor would go black for a second or two and then go back to normal (almost feels like it goes into sleep mode, but I know its not sleep mode because mac mini status light doesn't dim) It's not HDMI cable, since I tried different ones. My question is, did anyone experienced the same problem, is it OS X glitch or maybe something is wrong with mac mini or even the display? It's really not that big of a deal, more of an annoyance, but I'm worrying that it could be something serious.


Thank you!

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • den.thed Level 7 (26,007 points)

    Your not alone, there are lots of other folks having the same problem.


    check out > Mac Mini 2012 video blinking out: Apple Support Communities


    Your best bet is to:


    1. Make sure that your software is up to date.


    2. Contact > Apple Support, report the problem and see if they have a solution.


    3. Sent Feedback to > Apple - Mac mini - Feedback

  • cyberjunkyfreak Level 1 (30 points)

    Perhaps a SMC reset will help...



    I'm thinking about buying a new Mac Mini to connect to my HDTV, still researching.


    Hope you are able to resolve the issue!



  • Frankdr Level 1 (5 points)

    @ cyberjunkfreak : I'm thinking about buying a new Mac Mini to connect to my HDTV, still researching.


    Hey just a thought as I have been down that road.
    I have tried the MacMini (L2012) on a few HDTVs of various sizes and you may find that you will have awful colour setup, off gamma regardless of setting, and also most small fonts are blurry.
    Maybe if you can try out the mini in an electrical store first that might help.
    Just a heads up!

  • Frankdr Level 1 (5 points)

    I have recently bought an IPS Monitor also, LG FLATRON IPS225 LED, I have also experienced similar problems. The worst was a 10 sec black screen followed by swirling noise patterns.
    When trying out the Mini the day before on HDTVs I never had this problem but the colours/fonts/gamma were all terrible. The IPS monitor was connected with the supplied HDMI to DVI-D for me, and have now changed to standard hdmi.


    So yeah, people have suggested this is a diplay driver bug rather than a hardware issue, which is some improvement I suppose!

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    I was about to buy a Mac Mini 2012 with the 2.6GHz upgrade and 1TB Fusion drive. Fortunately all these forum postings have made me hold off! I was planning on using both the T-Bolt and HMDI display out ports for two identical monitors. However it seems we have two issues, this blinking black/snow on the HDMI out and poor video quality on the HDMI out anyway (see other fora). It's a nightmare, but very little is mentioned in the tech press, bar the ARS Technica review (which couldn't replicate the issue) and Lockergnome.


    Is there ANYONE out there with a 2012 Mac Mini that works perfectly on the HDMI out?


    Is there ANYONE out there running two identical monitors on HDMI and T-Bolt without any comparative display differences?

  • cyberjunkyfreak Level 1 (30 points)

    I ordered the Mac Mini today with the 256GB SSD, expect to get it in a week or so.  I thought about the Fusion drive however figured for the extra $50 I would rather double the SSD storage (I can always add an external drive down the road if I need more space).  I don't plan to use the thunderbolt display, at least not right away, however I'll let you know if I run into any problems with the HDMI issue that some are reporting.  Just for reference, I'll (hopefully) be connecting to a Sony KDL-55NX720 TV. 


    It would be nice to know if a SMC reset resolves the HDMI issue, I may soon find out. 

  • peachtree82 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey guys,


    I have semi-good news. I just spoke with apple customer support and they told me to perform a diagnostic hardware test. That test pretty much determines whether it's software glitch or malfunction of the hardware.


    To run the test, shut down your mac completely, then hold "D" key on your keyboard, while you holding, power on your mac and continiue to hold. You should see grey screen for like 5-8 seconds and then diagnostic tool will appear on the screen, then just follow instructions. The interesting part is that while I was performing that test, my monitor went black for a second or two again. The test was negative for hardware, so it's clearly not a hardware problem. (It tested memory, video card and etc.)


    Now waiting for a call back from Apple to see what to do next.

  • Ciccilleju Level 1 (0 points)

    they changed my mother board (and the video card as well) but the problem HAPPENS AGAIN! it's incredible! i bought this stupid mac mini 10 years ago and i had already tons of problems.


    it's IMPOSSIBLE.


    i'm so!

  • mark.augustin Level 1 (0 points)

    After months of thinking about whether I should buy a new mini or have a go at putting together a hackintosh I was all ready to place my order today.  Then I ran into these discussions and I am so glad I did.  No way I'm buying a mini now.  -1 for Apple.  Boo, hiss.

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    I have two Minis with Lion that have worked fine as HTPCs.


    I just got a L2012 2.5gHz 500gB Mini with ML and have had my share of problems. One is as described above.


    I am using HDMI with a DVI adapter from Best Buy. The cable is tight & doesn't flicker when wiggled.


    I tried the above "Hardware Diagnostics" boot-up, and got "Hardware Diagnostics does not work with this machine."  Church Lady voice: "How conveeeenient!"


    Could the difference be that Steve Jobs is gone, so Apple is going the way of the Fat, Dumb & Happy US Corporation?  It reminds me of when I had my wonderful Amiga & support died as the corp. bigwigs bled the company dry.


    Note that I could NOT apply the 10.8.2 update & had to call Apple to find out there was a bug in it so they're not allowing it to be applied.


    Or: "Could it be Satannnnn ?"


    OK... Back to reality: It's looking like some kind of driver problem.  Over to you, Apple!


    I'll try the above link to Apple support & hit Best Buy tomorrow. I have the week off, so why not burn time debugging Apple's system for them?


    Stay frosty!



  • peachtree82 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey bud,


    Could you update us with whatever you find out?


    I hope this gets resolved soon.


    Happy holidays everyone!

  • cyberjunkyfreak Level 1 (30 points)

    Update to my last post...


    I too am experiencing the intermittent screen flicker issue.  It can go hours without any flicker and then suddenly flicker constantly for a few moments.  I have ruled out HDMI cables and A/V components.


    There is HOPE however... as Intel seems to have acknowledged the issue just yesterday...




    Just a FYI that I'm in no way involved with the discussions on the Intel board, I only stumbled across the posts in my research of this issue.


    So, sit back and relax, we should (HOPEfully) have a fix soon!



  • peachtree82 Level 1 (0 points)



    Hey guys,


    Today I woke up to an update from Apple! This update should appear in your App Store.




    The Mac mini EFI Firmware Update will update the EFI firmware on your computer. Your computer's power cord must be connected and plugged into a working power source. When your Mac mini restarts, a gray screen will appear with a status bar to indicate the progress of the update. It will take several minutes for the update to complete. Do not disturb or shut off the power on your Mac mini during this update.


    Congratulations everyone, enjoy your mac mini! (I'm glad I held to my guns and didn't returned mine to the store



  • KutWriteApple Level 1 (0 points)

    I installed the update yesterday (12/10).


    The screen went snowy after the reboot. But, as soon as I fixed that by on/offing the monitor, it was fine.


    So far, with steady use, it has not gone blank again.


    (fingers crossed)



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