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I have been publishing subsets of my images to facebook for a while, since way before the integration was built in.


I have several facebook photo collections, which now show up in aperture, but there is no connection between the local library image and the remote (FB) one.


I would like to re-connect the online image to the offline image, without loosing the comments, likes etc that are attached to the online image... I HAVE all the images in Aperture, and they have the same names in FB "collections"....


To date, I can find no way to re-attach the images, i really really do not want to loose the FB interactions, but i really really want to re-link the images to the original... I am guessing i am going to have the same problem when i get to sort out flickr too.


I would also like to get a watermark in them too.. but i guess that is another thread in the making.


Thanks in advance for any advice or handholding to sort this one out...