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Hey fellow logic users

                          Ok heres the problem ( cut to the chase )  I am hooking up my guitar directly to the audio box direct to input 1  I have guitar rig in my  plug in section now when i play the song and want to play along It comes out clean, but when i press record enable it plays like the guitar rig sample i created  then when i press the space bar to start playback to practice it  it plays clean but then whe i record it  comes out slightly not the way it sounds when not recording  I hope this is understandable  lol : )   what do I need to do to make what I sound like in the guitar rig while rehearshing it so it comes out the same and not clean.  I put the playback knob on my audio box in the middle so i can hear the drums bass e.t.c  aong with the guitar but still no dirty sound during rhearsal before recording      Thanks


Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)