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one hour ago I recieved the very first spam mail on my iCloud account. I didn't publish my address nor did I give it away to someone unknown. I did not recieve any spam mail for years now. Till today.


I deleted the mail after writing down the adresses and stuff from the mail itself and the mail header.


The mail itself was reffered to "", thats not my iCloud address. The mail-header on the other hand showed my real address.


The sender was "Christine Meyer", address "liliulyojfya@zzqmypar.con" (not .com!), and the address for answering was "".


The mail contained two pictures, which I accidentally did allow to load. The mail reffered to some "raspberry pills" for health or something.



Did anyone else get this or a similiar mail? If so, then this could be a sign that our addresses weren't stolen rather than being generated by the spammer. Or that Apple has a problem.



Should I be worried about malware after opening that mail including the pictures which were loaded?


Thank you guys! This scares me.



(Excuse my English. )

OS X Mountain Lion
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