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I'm in the process of preserving my LP collection on Audio CD.

I'm using the Roxio Toast/Jam combo to burn the actual Audio CDs from AIFF files that my recorder has created.

I've noticed that iTunes shows quite a bit of additional information about a recording besides "Track 1", Track 2", etc. to include Genre, Artist, Album and so forth.

I would like to add the same information to my Audio CDs as I record them so if I drag an Audio CD to iTunes I see that information displayed.

How do I do that?


G4, Mac OS 9.2.x
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    Classic Mac OS

    Once the music is transferred onto the hard drive by dragging it into the Library of iTunes, you can annotate it as you wish.  Remember Audio CDs are read only, so they can't save the attributes of the music.  At some point Apple added access to the CDDB database, and I'm unsure if it is there with the 9.2 version you are using.  That database manages to look at any commercial CD and compare the track sizes to the known database and typically guess all the track information.  Either way, if you are on the Library, you should be able to click inside the track name and get the text to change color.  You can then edit the track info on the Library.

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    Thanks for the reference to CDDB. I've been researching CDDB and discovered it is a good idea gone bad. Plus the database doesn't really provide adequate infrasructure to handle classical music. There is no field for  composer's name - a show-stopper.


    But the spin-offs from the CDDB owner in-fighting produced some interesting tools. I may have to write my own interface though. It is unlikely that anyone has a Mac OS 9 product for sale.