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Hey !


Logic 9 stop working when i try to bounce or create another audio file from a alreddy existing audio file,

it does not crash , just starts thinking and never end,, the symbol thats spinning full with colures is there insted of the mouse pointer...

and sometimes when i delet alot of old audio files in Bin on the right side of logic window, it starts working, but now i tried that and it does not work,

how can i do to make it work again , is there any more i can delet to make it rum smother or what is the problem??

why does this happend?? i have a werry good computer...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 16 GB RAM och 120 GB SSD HD + optib
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    and i have to force quitt Logic every time i try to bounce and then restart logic and it is still the same..

    i think maybe it can be that i have to meny automatisations and to many audo files in the project , but it should not be that , becouse i have a realy good computer like i said, and it is not that mush i think..

    and i cant bounce the sounds out to make it better becouse of the problem =P


    Pleas help me,, i will be happy for any answers,,


    Best wishes