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I have been searching for a camcorder to replace my Flip Nano, but the search has been more difficult than I had expected. Another section of this website suggested that I post my question here. Here's what I had posted there:


"I'm in the market for a new camcorder because my Flip Nano is incompatible with Mountain Lion and always will be. However, selecting the replacement is more difficult than I had anticipated. First, there's the matter of selecting candidates, but the search doesn't end there. The question then becomes, will the new camcorder be compatible with Mountain Lion? So far, I have asked three of the sellers about this and two have told me, surprisingly,"I don't know" (the other hasn't yet replied--Has now. Can't help). I'm looking for some shortcut that will make the selection process easier. Can I assume that all camcorders made by the same manufacturer, Sony, for instance, respond in the same way to Mountain Lion? Is there another way to get the information I need? Fortunately, I only have this problem with the two applications/devices that I'd like to keep, and one of them is working on the fix. My only regret is that I installed Mountain Lion, because I preferred Snow Leopard."

In another rmessage, I said the following "...So, my conclusion is, it's not very easy to find camcorders that are compatible with Mountain Lion...unless, unless there is a site for Mac/Mountain Lion users that contains camcorders, and other things, that are compatible with Mountain Lion. or that aren't. Could this be such a place?".


There you have it. Does anyone have any ideas?

iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)
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This case should be closed.
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AppleMan1958 wrote: Mountain Lion does not work directly with video cameras. You need an app like iMovie or Final Cut Pro to import video. Here is a list of video cameras supported by iMovie.http://help.apple.com/imovie/cameras/en/index.html?lang=en_USThank you; however I now find that Flip4Mac has been upgraded to work with Mountain Lion (Why didn't they tell me?). Anyway, I have now downloaded their upgrade, and while I haven't yet tested it, I'm hopeful that it will solve the problem.

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