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How do you reset security questions?

  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    If you have a rescue email address set up on your account then you can try going to https://appleid.apple.com/ and click 'Manage your Apple ID' on the right-hand side of that page and log into your account. Then click on 'Password and Security' on the left-hand side of that page and on the right-hand side you might see an option to send security question reset info to your rescue email address.


    If you don't have a rescue email address set up then go to Express Lane  and select 'iTunes' from the list of 'products' in the middle of the screen.


    Then select 'iTunes Store', and on the next screen select 'Account Management'


    Next choose 'iTunes Store Account Questions' and fill in that you'd like your security questions/answers reset.


    You should get an email reply within about 24 hours (and check your Spam folder as well as your Inbox)

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    This option is apparently no longer available on the apple support website. I followed your link, entered my apple ID, and clicked on password and security. It asked me to enter my answers, but there was no option to reset my questions or to recover my previous answers.

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    If you can't reset your security questions by following the steps above, you just need to call Apple Support and then have you transferred to their Account Security Team for assistance in reseeting them. You might be ask for verification informations before they can reset it though.


    Here's the article to find the appropriate numebr to call:


    Contacting Apple for Support and Services


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    we can only reset them  by CALLING the apple support team.. don't worry, they are very polite and friendly.. =))


    all u need to do is verify their questions..


    (1) make sure you don't signed out of your apple ID;

    (2) prepare you apple device’s serial number;

    and also,

    (3) be sure you are connected to the internet, so that u can help the speed up the "verifying" process..


    it only took less than 20minutes to have my security questions reset without losing the balance in my apple ID ^__^


    hope this helps.. merry christmas y'all ~.~

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    I had this same problem until today. I went through express lane and gave them my problem  which was that i could not remember my security questions and needed to reset them. I then gave them my phone number and within seconds I was connected to them via phone and I then was directed to an advisor and her name was Ashley. We went step by step and together we reset my questions. I was very pleased with the service. Try this it helps.

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    there is no fill in that you want it to be reset thing?!