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...except I can't install it. Whenever i try to do so, after downloading the update, my macbook pro reboots and then says that the packages has been damaged or something during the download, and that it will try again when i check for updates.. Yes fine, and now i've done that 10 times - and still exactly the same. And the most annoying about this, is that there are no error code, no buttons to press, NOTHING. Just a box telling me that it don't work. Christ.....

And addidtional to this, I can't update my Itunes, some error keeps coming too, maybe because I don't have the 10.7.5 update. And so my Iphone doesn't work with Itunes aswell... Simply BEAUTIFUL...


Please someone help me get this update work somehow, it would be MUCH appreciated.





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)