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Because my Macbook's headphone jack doesn't work anymore, I started using my MBox as my laptop's default audio interface. (It's a portable audio interface for recording/playback)


I did the same thing for weeks when I start up my computer: Plug in the interface, run the audio driver  (Digi CoreAudio Manager) and then, in Audio Midi Setup, change the default output to my MBox.


That worked, and now it doesn't. My computer can still run the CoreAudio program and in specific programs (like VLC) I can still use this for the audio output, but specifically regarding the using it for the Default Output of my computer, it doesn't seem to connect.


Once, I found that I had to keep it plugged in at the same physical USB  slot (even if disconnecting the driver for a while) because it was like the  computer had a "memory" of it being there, so no other usb output would work. Then, I tried restarting, and even resetting PRAMs. That did work on a few occaisons, although it could be coincidence.


Now, my computer will see it plugged in and I can still use it in programs like VLC, but it's almost like the OS still thinks my MBox is plugged in and it's kind of alike a ghost thing.


Maybe there is someting I can reset? I've restarted and cleared PRAMs and had no luck today.


There were no changes made to my setup, this just started to not work.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Aluminum 2008 Macbook