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hi i have just bought an apple tv and i would like to connect it to my laptop so i can use it as a screen the sockets i have on my pc is hdmi/usb/network slot/vga

is this possiable if so how

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    You can connect it if the laptop will accept HDMI input, however I cannot see why you would do this as there is nothing I can think of you can do on Apple TV that you cannot on the laptop anyway?  The Apple TV is really to put stuff on the bigger TV from the iTunes library or certain apps and also to mirror your computer screen if you have the right set up.  What do you hope to do with Apple TV on a laptop?



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    Hi Chris,


    If you have HDMI on your PC you should be able to connect directly to any TV with HDMI slot. pretty much all of them. You cannot go via Apple TV with a cable. It is not designed to do so.


    Apple TV is mostly for streaming via Ethernet or WiFi. It has also AirPlay where you can send your screen wirelessly to it but you will need recent Apple computer to do so.


    Let me know if you have more questions.



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    Perfect response

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    It would be GREAT to have it hooked to a laptop. If I am travelling I would love to have my kids watch TV from a laptop while I use internet sharing on my phone so they can watch TV. Also, while I am on business I can then watch what I want to in a hotel without having to go through the headache of thier provided service.


    So as to why a person would want to be able to do that is self evident. Netflix, MLB, sports Wall Street .... all available whher I want it when I want it.... Remember, xBox ONE WILl ahve the ability to get your subscribed services on any device you own. Why not with an Apple product also?


    As I have stated to many lately. Apple had the WOW factor. Put WOW back into Apple and PLEASE do not use my post as a platform to lambaste Microsoft. I remember back to eWorld where I got kicked out due to my article to Bill Gates entitled "Plagerism vs. Innovation" .


    Apple, please don't lose your vision. It's a legacy started by one man through a creative channel that flowed through Jobs not was him.




    Mark G.

    Pangia Solutions

    Mac User since 1985


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    the next version of osx will change so the airplay mirror is not just a clone of the desktop of the mac

    but an extra display like if you hook one up by cable

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    I would like to transfer a movie from my lap top to my tv...using my wireless

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    i want to use my wireless to watch movies from my laptop thru my appletv to my large tv