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My girlfriend had Aperture 2 and recently purchased Aperture 3.  When installing she somehow clicked "update library" or something (I'm not sure what she did exactly).  Now when she opened up Aperture 3 there were NO PHOTOS OR PROJECTS.  Nothing.  Everything was gone.  When trying to select a new Library, there are 2 options- Aperture Library and Aperture Librabry_OLD.  Both of these say - 0 files, 0 versions.


No idea whats going on here.  Why would Aperture delete all my photos when upgrading?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Check to make sure she doesn't have any search filters set. If there's text put into search filters, and they don't match anything, Aperture won't show anything.


    Once you've eliminated that, do you know if she had referenced or managed files in her Aperture library? If her library was managed, try right-clicking on the library, and select "Show Package Contents". Navigate through, but don't alter anything you see in the resulting file listing. From there, do you see anything in the "Masters" folder?


    You may need to try repairing or rebuilding the database of the library. This article has this and other troubleshooting steps.