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I have noticed that my 64GB iPad mini is having problems retaining a wifi connection.


I have exchanged the first at an Apple store but can see the same problem replicated in the replacement device. None of my other apple devices have this problem  


Specifically I have noticed that for regular browsing it is fine. However once I ask it to down load a series of files such as an album or newspaper it drops the connection. The new one see,s better then the old that I exchanged. But it still drops. Beginning to think its an iOS problem. But why would it only appear on the iPad mini?

iPad, iOS 6.0.1, Ipad mini
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    Do #5.


    Some things to try first:


    1. Turn Off your iPad. Then turn Off (disconnect power cord for 30 seconds or longer) the wireless router & then back On. Now boot your iPad. Hopefully it will see the WiFi.


    2. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and turn Off. Then while at Settings>Wi-Fi, turn back On and chose a Network.


    3. Change the channel on your wireless router (Auto or Channel 6 is best). Instructions at http://macintoshhowto.com/advanced/how-to-get-a-good-range-on-your-wireless-netw ork.html


    4. Go into your router security settings and change from WEP to WPA with AES.


    5.  Renew IP Address: (especially if you are droping internet connection)

        •    Launch Settings app

        •    Tap on Wi-Fi

        •    Tap on the blue arrow of the Wi-Fi network that you connect to from the list

        •    In the window that opens, tap on the Renew Lease button




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    Note - When troubleshooting wifi connection problems, don't hold your iPad by hand. There have been a few reports that holding the iPad by hand, seems to attenuate the wifi signal.




    If any of the above solutions work, please post back what solved your problem. It will help others with the same problem.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Thanks Tex.


    I did use No 5 a number of times on the previous ipad mini. I will continue to monitor and reply back.


    It seems to me, based on my observations, that it could be an iOS problem. It looks like it is getting overwhelmed by multiple file downloads and when trying to process these it is dropping the wifi. As I said other time it is fine.

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    I'm having the same issue. I can perform the same task with my iPad 3 next to the iPad Mini and the iPad mini drops connection when streaming video. I'm streaming video over ustream.com using the exact same URL. It does look like a buffering issue to me too. Normal browsing is fine. Video might play for 30 to 60 seconds then the signal drops.

    Both iPads are only 6 feet from the access point, which is a Cisco AP1140, a business class unit.

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    Yep sounds the same not sure now if this is a hardware or software problem. The former could mean it is going back.

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    I called Apple support. They had me reset the network connections on my mini and so far, so good. Go to Settings, General, Reset, Reset network settings. Let me know what happens.

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    Bingo. I changed the wifi channel to boot and solved.

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    I have the same problem: Wi-Fi is dropping on iPad 4 when streaming video content embedded in web browsers and in apps like YouTube.


    On my second iPad now as they swapped it out due to it being within 14 days. Changed channel on my home network, worked a lot better but started noticing it again. Done everything, restored and tried it out without backup instaled, renewed lease and reset network settings. Nothing to come of it.


    Been told to get a new iPad as it could be really bad luck and they're from the same batch and this would really rule out being told it could be hardware.


    Definately a software issue with Apple. My home network has never had an issue with any of these devices: iPad 1, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, MacBook Pro's etc so I know the device should work or work better. Haven't extensively tried on another network, had 30mins on a coffee shop wifi and it worked fine, regardless if it didn't like my network it has no excuses not to work, I've done most of what would be acceptable to do in altering my network settings with my service provider and if previous models work, why should the latest gen drop so much when streaming video.


    iPad Mini and iPhone 5 have a new update 6.0.2 that addresses specifically 'a bug that could impact Wi-Fi.' Some reports I've read say no difference for their devices, regardless, why is the latest gen iPad not covered?! Thinking it has to be a software problem they're aware of. No way I should be jumping through as many hoops as this to get it working. Streaming video is a big neccesity for me.


    Hope this problem will be resolved soon otherwise I'm going to have return it. For that cost I can't live with this problem, nor should I have to.


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    In my case the issue was related to the use of a Bluetooth headset. Are you using Bluetooth while streaming? The streaming problem would not occur if I was using earbuds or the speaker on my mini. Apple support submitted my case to engineering who were able to replicate the issue. I heard back in about a week from support explaining this and that they were going to investigate the issue but could give no time frame for a fix. In the interim, I found that changing the brand of wireless access point fixed the issue for me. I'm an IT consultant and using business class access point in my home, a Cisco AP1141, which retails for $500 plus online, so you would think that couldn't be the problem, but I set up Ubiquiti Picostation M2, an $85 access point with the identical settings as the AP1141 and had no problems with streaming when connected to it. If I switched to the Cisco, I would drop the connection within 60 seconds. I also have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 3, neither of which had a problem with using the Cisco while streaming so go figure.


    FYI. The Ubiquiti access points are business class units and not simple devices to configure if you don't have Network experience but there are several YouTube videos available that walk you through the setup, if you decide to go that route. They also use Power over Ethernet which you should read up on if you are not familiar with it.

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    If the question is directed at me, no. There is no Bluetooth being used when streaming.


    In regard to the network. I'm sure if I were like you or a persistent enough noive I could find a way to make my network work. But I am neither a technical expert in networking nor persistent enough as I believe why on earth should I learn about advanced networking inorder to make my costly device work.


    If the device doesn't work with what is a normal setup then it is the manufacteurs problem. Latest gen iPad should be easier, not add more confusion to my network. The firmware updates automatically on the router so its not that either.


    It's silly there should be such trouble. I think Apple need to take their finger out here. Can't help feeling getting a third exchange of iPads will do absolutely nothing and I'll still be in the same position. Joke.

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    iPad 2 & BT Homehub 3

    I to had the same problem.

    Problem resolved by switching off Smart WiFi on the BT Homehub 3, then tried selecting various channels in turn.

    Channel 6 hopeless.

    Channel 11 could only stream for a few minutes before WiFi droped.

    Channel 1, so far no problems.


    Hope that helps.