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I will be returning my 2nd iphone 4S tomorrow because the phone keeps shutting itself off. Am I just that unlucky or is this the type of product that I can expect? In each of the phones, I have reset them clean with no positive results. "panic.plist" appears in the diagnostics. Is there maybe something else going on that nobody is catching here?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    There are millions of iPhone 4S users out there, including myself who have had no problems.  There's nothing to "catch".


    When you get your phone, are you restoring it from a backup of a previous phone?  If so, that's likely the source of your problem.  Set it up as a new phone from scratch and don't use backup at all.

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I actually didn't back up on the 2nd phone and got the same results. I've been living without an address book in my phone for the past couple of days now. So this means that I'll have to type all my contacts and calendar all over again? That really ***** and is not convenient at all!! I thought technology was suppose to make our lives more simple, not irritating. LOL