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I've never figured out how to get 'clean' DVD Studio Pro menus.  It is as if the quality of the menu is sub-standard.  Every year or so I ask in the forums about this ... if there is some way to get a quality that at least matches the MPEG 2 of the master that is being authored.


I've been through the app countless times to see if there is somewhere I can set the quality of the 'menu' ... nope, or I'm missing it somehow.


I've done my backgrounds the exact pixel size of the menu, I've included the text in the graphic, I've added the the DVD Studio Pro text, used their templates ... the end result is ALWAYS sub-standard.


I'm wondering if anyone has had similar issues ... and discovered a solution?



Or.  If someone can recommend a Mac software DVD authoring app that can deliver nice clean menus ... ?



And that doesn't cost $2,500 if possible.



All ears,




MacBook Pro (15-inch Glossy), Mac OS X (10.6.8)