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Yesterday I received the below email from iTunes Match, basically telling me there was a "problem" that prevented automatic renewal of my iTunes Match account.  Since I have 6000+ cut up there, this concerned me.  I went to my iTunes account page and re-entered my card information - as far as I know there is nothing wrong with the card ... we use it all the time.  Here's the bvogus email:




There was a problem with your payment type that prevented the automatic renewal of your subscription to iTunes Match. To renew your subscription and to regain the ability to store your entire music collection on iCloud and enjoy it on your iOS devices, iTunes, and Apple TV, you will need to update your payment information. iTunes Match stores not only your songs purchased on the iTunes Store, but all of the other great music you have acquired over the years, including music from CDs.


To update your payment information or manage your subscription, sign in to iTunes on your computer and go to your Account Information page. Your matched and uploaded tracks will be removed from iCloud in 90 days, so renew your subscription now and keep all of your music in the cloud so you can listen to it anytime, anywhere.

The iTunes Store team



So, I try listening to some music today and all the iTunbes app on my iPhone 4 (iOS 6.0.1) does is spin around from one song title to another.  Tonight I get a new email from iTunes Match that says the following:



Store all your music in the cloud and listen to it anytime, anywhere.


Renew your iTunes Match subscription so you can continue to enjoy your entire music collection in iCloud on your iOS devices, iTunes, and Apple TV. iTunes Match stores not only your songs purchased on the iTunes Store, but all of the other great music you have acquired over the years, including music from CDs.


Your subscription for iTunes Match expired on 11/16/12. Your complete music collection and playlists in iCloud are no longer available from your iOS devices, iTunes, or Apple TV. You will still be able to download from iCloud any music you previously purchased on iTunes from the Purchased area of the iTunes Store. You can also sync your music to your iOS devices using iTunes for Mac+PC. To renew your subscription now, open iTunes on your Mac or PC and choose Turn on iTunes Match from the Store menu.

The iTunes Store team



Now what do I do?  There's nothing wrong with my card and iTunes says I'll lose all the songs I ripped from my CD collection if I don't pay up?  HOW??  WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO??

Thank god I had the foresight to pay Amazon for space and everything I uploaded to iTunes is also over there in Amazon's cloud service.  At least THEY seem to know how to run a cloud service.  Seems like ever since Steve passed it's just one thing after another with these clowns.

Please help!

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1, 16GB RAM
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    Just got this -


    Dear iTunes Customer,

    You recently received an email informing you that your iTunes Match Subscription could not be auto-renewed. We have resolved the problem and your iTunes Match Subscription has been renewed.

    We apologize for the delay with your auto-renewal. If you have any questions, please contact AppleCare at http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/


    I hope everyone else is all set too.

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    On 11/18 I called Apple Tech Support.  It sounded like the tech was indicating he hadn't heard of the problem.  He went off to speak with someone and came back later to say Apple is aware of the issue and I should file a trouble report at expresslane.apple.com.


    I did so but didn't hear anything until checking this morning.  Had a new email apologizing for the inconvenience and explaining that Apple engineers had fixed things for me.  I was told to go into my account and renew manually.


    I did so and iTM now works well on all devices. 


    Nevertheless, I am left with two concerns:  1) it looks like they're fixing this for customers on an individual basis and 2) how in the world did this happen and why are there regular issues with Apple online services?  Just heard a report on MacCast that iMessages has gone feet up three times in the last week or so.

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    I take it back.  While the renewal charge came through and I'm no longer getting emails and iOS popups saying that my iTM account has "expired" ... HOWEVER ... on my iPhone 4 iOS 6.0.1 when I start iTunes the app display just spins album art or album track lists around and around.  This starts to look more and  more like an iOS 6.0.1 bug.  In any case, I still can't play music on my iPhone.


    So this problem is, at some level, still UNRESOLVED.