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Hi Gang


Just loaded iLife 08 into an older Power Mac Desktop G5. I own several of them. There are older sometimes more desirable iDVD themes, (4:3), from iLife 06 that I would like to add to iLife 08 - iDVD 08.


iDVD 08 themes are limited to Wide Screen only. Is there a way to extract only that portion of the software/files/package from the iLife 06 install disc that contain the older themes?


Thank you


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    You may already have them. See Old Toad's reply in this thread:




    and here:




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    You can try using   Pacifist to extract and install the themes on the iLIfe 06 disk. I don't have the iLIfe 06 disk but this is what the 08 disk looks like in Pacifist:




    Select the themse and have Pacifist install.  I'd repair disk permisisons afterward with Disk Utility.


    Also here's a post I made yesterday on the subject which might be of help:

    Found this post by dsimagry regarding adding the themes which may or may not work: How can i get all the 150 themes for...: Apple Support Communities.



    I think I have a way you might be able to get the older themes, if you have them on the hard drive to be recognized by iDVD.  Try this with one of the themes.


    If you have any favorite themes saved do the following:


    1 - go to your Home/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Installed Favorites folder.

    2 - copy one of the themes you want to get iDVD to recognize into that folder.

    3 - change the extension from .theme to .favorite

    4 - launch iDVD and to to the Favorites section of the Themes window.


    If you don't have any favorites already saved create the Home/Library/Application Support/iDVD/Installed Favorites folder and follow steps 2 - 4 above.




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    Hello my ole freind Old Toad.


    Hello Klaus


    Unless I'm missing something Klaus, why would I have iLife 06 iDVD themes after a fresh OS install of 10.4.11, and a fresh install of iLife 08? Did I ever have iLife 06 to begin with in this particular computer? No. Do I see 'Greyed Out' older themes? No.


    With that explanation, let me understand: As stated, apparently I'll need some type of extractor software to pull the older themes off my iLife 06 install disc? Yes? Is that correct? And this extractor software is called 'Pacifist' Correct?



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    Yes, Pacifist is the extractor software you'll need.  It'll run in demo mode with a 15 second launch delay.

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    Old Toad


    I've decided to reformat and start over with a brand new install of 10.4.11. Then I'll start with iLife 06, and add iLife 08 later, and use the functionality fix for themes. I dislike fixes, updates that are mixed in, (intended for), newer OS. As a result of indescriminate updates, I've lost functionality of iDVD. I've reserached this problem - it's a mess. 'Unkown File Type', it's totally screwy


    I'm starting over ....



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    For others (same circumstances), this worked well for me:


    OSX Apple Install DVD's for Dual Core machines consist of TWO DISCS. During the prompts for initial installation, (1st Disc), there's an option for CUSTOM INSTALL. If you're sure you'd like to jump ahead of iLife 04, DO NOT CHOOSE the installation of iLife Aps. Uncheck them. I unchecked ALL of them, except 'Ap Helper.'


    Completed the the OS install, including the 10.4.11 Combo Update, and the security Update.

    Disk Repair Permissions


    I then went to iLife 06, (I wanted the themes for iDVD 06), and did a custom install of iDVD ONLY.

    Disk Repair Permissions


    I then installed iLife 08 COMPLETE, (which I believe), is the highest you can go within 10.4.11

    Disk Repair Permissions


    I can now open any iDVD project, NO CRASHES, and I still have the older themes.