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I've seen a few articles on this from Apple, but still can't seem to figure it out.  My iTunes seems to load fine after a reboot, but later will not load.  It just hangs after starting up.  I can start it everytime from iTunes safe mode.  I looked at the plug-ins mentioned in http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3430, but there's only one (npitunes.dll) in the Mozilla plugin folder, but it's an Apple plug-in and I even tried moving it to the desktop and it still hangs.  I'd appreciate any help anyone can give.  It's starting to drive me nuts!

Windows Vista
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    Some added info on this.  I tried accessing it from a different user on my computer, but the same issue.  Seems like it will start the first time after a reboot/log on, but an subsequent starts, it just hangs.  It's starting to really upset me.  Thanks.