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I have had my computer for about 3-4 years and the battery has overheated once already. My mac was getting really hot and I got the battery replaced. That was about a year ago but recently, I feel like my mac is getting really hot again. The fan turns on but it is still hot. I don't want it to overheat again because paying for a new battery is expensive. Is there any program or things I can do so it won't be so hot? I have reduced necessary usage but anything else?

MacBook (13-inch Late 2009)
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    Because you are running a laptop.


    Are you using your laptop on a hard surface like a desk?  OR are you using it on your lap.


    Also for about 25 Bucks if you google Apple laptop Cooling case.


    Also what is the tempeture around your house/where you use it.  Here in Texas I have to make sure my laptop isn't being burnt up by the weather.


    - Steve

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    I mostly used it on my lap but since it has been getting really hot I try to put it on top of my plastic drawer or my metal trash can.


    I live in LA and it has been cool lately but I never let the temperature in my house get too hot or too cold.


    I read somewhere that I can change the speed of the fans, if they go faster then the computer will cool down better. Is the cooling case for that?

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    You don't want to change the fan speed.  Very rarely is that the problem.


    I would first try using the laptop on a hard straight surface.


    Also,  I would let the computer run without any programs running.


    See if the computer gets hot just turning it on and running without being processor intensive.


    Computers will normally crank up the fan if the CPU(the Brain) is using more power.  The more programs you run the more the brain thinks. The more the brain thinks the more fan it needs.


    If your computer is running it's fans super fast for no reason then that may be a problem. 


    Here is a cool pad you can try.



    I have a feeling thought if you just use the computer at your desk and turn the computer off at night and not charge it all day it should be just fine.


    - Steve

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    Hi Steve,


    Found your comment very instructive, thanks.


    My old MacBook (oct.2006) began making strange noise and fearing a possible hard-disc failure, I ordered a change for a new one (500 GO). The job was properly done but, afterwards, the technician at an Apple Authorized Seller (here in Belgium) said that the noise was coming from the ageing cooling fan. He recommended me to have it changed.

    After a few weeks, as the noises intensifies and after a few sudden shutdown of my Mac (restarting after a few minutes goes without problem), I decided to change the cooling fan.


    BUT now, the same techno says that my Mac is obsolete and that Apple doesn't have the part in stock anymore.

    They want me to buy a new Mac!


    Is that true that there is no way to repair my MacBook, that there is no more cooling fan part in stock ?


    Thanks in advance for any opinion on that.


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    Classic Mac OS

    http://www.ifixit.com/ has ways of repairing any Apple notebook.  However, to ensure it is repaired to spec, it is best to bring it in to any authorized service provider.

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    Hey s./PhD.


    I wish you would have contacted me before you did work on your computer.


    For a 2006.  There is a possibility for alot of parts to fail.  However,  With that said I wish we could have done some things... before you started changing out some things.


    Before you change out your hard-drive. (it's to late now)  You can repair the permissions.  You can wipe the drive.
    Also on Mac's for the exact problem ...  You can BOOT your computer from another HD to see if everything works except your computer.


    I think the problem is with a loose fan connector or heat sensor.  I would like to know what part they are refering to.




    This looks like the fan you need.  Check the model number from your computer.  If it is a match you maybe able to order the part and then have the apple store install it.  If you are not comfortable doing it yourself.


    - Steve

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    (...and reply to "a brody" too)


    Many thanks for your prompt answers & comments. I have to much to do at this moment, can't explore your solutions now. Will do that tomorrow and will give feed-back on that.


    Again, a BIG Thank You.