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I just wanted to say that the guys at the Apple Store in Lexington, KY are awesome. Took a digital A/V adapter in today that wouldn't fit right in my iPhone or my iPad. It kept falling out too easily. I owned it for a while, probably well past it's warranty period and they happily replaced it. It still didn't fit right in my iPhone, but it fit better. I found out after I left the store that the dock connector on my iPhone was so packed full of lint and dust that the longer plug on the adapter wouldn't seat all the way in. After I removed the junk it fit perfectly and I could dangle the iPhone from the adapter. As far as the iPad was concerned, I have no idea why the old adapter wouldn't fit right as the iPad was just purchased this year and has no lint in it, but the new one is perfect. I can also dangle the iPad from the new adapter (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME). If there is anyway the employees of that store can see this, I just want to tell them thank you very much for your help and I greatly appreciate it. I honestly would have never thought to look inside the dock connector on my phone had I not went in to the store. It was an odd situation and they could have easily told me that there is nothing they can do and turned me away, but they made sure I left happy. I even told them if the couldn't replace it that it was no big deal, but they did it anyway. Thanks again!

Digital A/V adapter, iPhone 4 and iPad 3