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Hi All,


I have been working on my first website via iWeb (3.0.4 v601) and have been able to work through most of the issues encountered. The main one was the site name repeated in the address, so I researched the iWeb SEO that fixed that. i.e.


www.thealleybarn.com/welcome.html was showing as www.thealleybarn.com/The_Alley_Barn/Welcome.html


Today I made some updates to my site, including removing  a couple of blank pages and renaming another one. When publishing the site via iWeb SEO it is not updating the navigation bar. I have cleared my cache and double checked it on my phone (which had not viewed the site before) but it did not fix the issue.


My website is: www.thealleybarn.com

The menu should read: Welcome / The House / Beaches / Renovation / Contact

However currently it reads: Welcome / The House / Beaches / Renovation / Things to do (blank page I deleted) / Location (I had renamed this to "contact")


When not uploading it via the iWeb SEO (using the iweb ftp option) it actually looks ok, but then it has the name duplication issue, i.e. http://www.thealleybarn.com/The_Alley_Barn/Welcome.html


This suggest that the files have been uploaded correctly, but its just not showing the right navigation bar when doing it via iWeb SEO. The other pages I updated are working ok, its just the menu that is the old one and not new one.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Well yes, if you start using the iWeb ftp to upload your site after having used iWebSEO, then you will get your site name back again, because the iWeb ftp overrides what you have done with using iWebSEO - so once you use it you have to continue or iWeb itself will override. 


    You do state that you are using iWeb 08 however and iWeb 08 does not have the ftp included - this only applies to iWeb 09.


    What you can try however is not uploading your site using iWebSEO.  Rather, publish your site from iWeb to a local folder and then open your site with iWebSEO and then add what you want to but then when you are ready to upload, use something like Cyberduck instead - this is a dedicated ftp client - there is this or Yummy ftp.  Don't use iWebSEO to upload and see if using Cyberduck instead makes a difference.  Again, to get rid of the site name problem, just upload the contents of your site folder and NOT the whole site folder itself.

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    Thanks. I'll take a look at Cyberduck.


    The actual problem seems to now be ok without any additional uploads. It doesn't make sense that it was a caching issue as I had checked it on a device that had not view the site before, but as all is fixed this can now be closed.


    Thanks for your help Ethmoid.

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    When you have problems with the default navigation, make sure you upload the latest version of the feed.xml file.