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I forgot my passcode so I know I have to restore my iPad.  If I have backed up the iPad, are all my photos lost?  I can see the apps, books and music.  The capacity bar indicates it knows I have photos but I can't see them in iTunes.  So before I basically erase my iPad and start over I wanted to be clear on what I will be able to restore.


Thank you. 

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    Photos taken with the iPad, copied to it via the camera connection kit or saved from emails/websites should be in the backup (those that were on the iPad when you last backed up).  Photos that were synced from a computer are not included in a backup.

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    Amazing   I have you bookmarked and I came here seeking the same concerns and here you are, My Favorite Pro. answering them. ( are these times I'm seeing right,this reply was from 12:23 am. it's 1:13 am here in Seattle, Wa. Well my friend with the very cool icon.  I have photos that Ive synced from a folder on my MacPro to my iPad3 and want to delete them but can't seem to do it the suggested way. So your answer tells me they'll be gone. I've never restored this Pad, It's set to  ' back up to this computer ' (my Mac). Can I plug in my iPad, start over, get my apps, music, books etc. from iTunes clean up and organize is what I need to do, this should help


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    I'm in the UK, so for me it was 8:23 am.  If you are in the US and you don't have copies of your music, apps and ibooks on your computer then you should be able to re-download them for free : re-downloading.


    Photos that were synced from a computer can't be deleted directly on the iPad, instead they are removed by not including them in the next photo sync - so if you connect your iPad to your Mac and select it on the left-hand side of your computer's iTunes, then on the right-hand side on the Photos tab you should be able to de-select that folder and re-sync and they should be removed from the iPad. If you want to remove all synced photos from your iPad then you can just select an empty folder on that tab and sync it.

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    Thanks  King_Penguin    it seems it's always some missing clicks. Your a Top Notch Navigator !