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Hi pals


I have a friend with an iMac, and he doesn't know how to explain his problem in english, so I'm trying to give him a hand.


He has an iMac, LED, 27 inches with Snow Leopard installed and 4 GB of RAM with the default video card. It's an stock iMac of 27" with 4 cores, in few words.


Somehow, the Wi-Fi Icon is not where it should, so he cannot connect his iMac with the Wi-Fi modem and the iMac only shows the AirPort thing, so he's connected through that.


Here is an screenshot:


Captura de pantalla 2012-11-18 a la(s) 01.54.55.jpg


I have darkened a bit the FireWire connection because that's the icon which isn't showing on his iMac. It looks like his FireWire connection were broken or something abut configuration. It worked before and suddenly dissapeared.


Okay people! Thank you very much for your help!



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    Try going to utilities>airport utility, it should show his wireless after the scan, highlight his network, and click continue and follow the prompts.  Hope this helps.

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    Hi Sanjampet


    I'm on my MBP now and the Airport Utility of the MBP shows his wireless internet connection, but I cannot do nothing after highlighting his Internet connection (no options or greyed out). I'm on Lion (latest version).


    In his computer, with SL, when opening the AirPort Utility, the tool does the scan, but it finds nothing ¿?


    Thanks for the imput!



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    It's not the FireWire the icon that doesn't show up, but the WiFi icon. Sorry... I always mistake both things.