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This isn't detrimental, I have an iPhone as well as an iPod touch and have all the music I need. But I found my broken iPod video today, and it hasn't worked for a few years. I dropped it about three and a half years ago, cracked the screen, and ever since it's been fudged up. If I plug it in, it'll try and start up, then shut itself down, so it's *trying* to work.


I'm simply curious to see what music was on there, so it's not a big deal if it's not possible. I know I had over three thousand songs on there, and they're all bound to be terrible, but it's fun and also horrifying to look back on my previous taste in music.


If anybody has any solutions, or ideas, let me know, but like I said, not in a panic, not taking it to be repaired or anything.


I'm not sure if it's called the iPod classic, by the way, but this is the iPod I'm talking about. http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page/ipod-2-091206.jpg


I don't think the iPod's coming up on my computer. I just plugged it in, and this is my old crappy computer since my PC decided to crap out, but there's no sign of it being recognized so I'm assuming it's probably a lost cause, but oh well.

iPod classic