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When I have a call drop while I'm using bluetooth, or anytime I miss a call, when I unlock the phone it calls back that number. I DON'T want this to occur. Especially since it may be hours before I look at my phone again, or have a signal again (I work where the signal is spotty at best, and I work nights). For instance, I drop a call at 10pm and then hit the unlock on my phone at 2am, it calls that number back. How to do I stop this from happening?


I searched the iPhone, the internet & this forum, and couldn't find anything to change this. I'm using an iPhone 4S, but all my past iPhones have done this same thing.


Thank you!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    I have the same problem.  I first noticed it on the 4, and now it still happens on the 5.  I've looked through Settings and cannot find any options for this.  I have AT&T and I drop calls very frequently.  I accept that this isn't going to change any time soon, but Hey Apple, can I please redial at a time of MY choosing?

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    Really?  No one else has this problem or a solution?

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    My iphone 4 does the same thing and I wish I could figure out how to stop it...

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    I have the same problem and i wish to disable this anoying feature.

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    Just upgraded to ios 7.

    Same problem started for me too/

    I am using 16GB iPhone 4s


    Extremely annoying.


    Any solution anybody.


    My friend complain that they get 10 continious calls from me after the call is broken.

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    My wife had the same issue - it turns out that there was a conflict with the Speed Dial App (#1~4, from Neon Surge) she was using which was causing this issue.  Even if a number wasn't dialled through this app, when it was opened in the background it seemed to cause the same issue of redialing automatically (consecutively).  While it was fun watching my wife frantically trying to end the calls for a good 3 minutes, I'm glad we have finally resolve this issue.  After deleting the apps, she hasn't experienced it again - if you check the comments/reviews for these apps in the App Store, you will find people having the same issue.  Hopefully this was the issue for you guys as well!


    Quick note: according to my wife, it had happened once or twice before, but became very frequent after iOS7 update.  She is on an iPhone 4s.

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    I always had this problem but with the IOS7 update it completes the call before the "End Call" button appears. I'm a truck driver with Sprint service and get dropped calls alot. I'm tired of the auto redial starting a few hours after I dropped a call. Apple should put a 10 to 20 minute time limit on the auto redial. I could live with that. I'm tired of the redial calling my friends and family at 3 AM whan I decide to take my phone out of sleep mode! I have a 16 GB iPhone 4S with the passcode activated after an hour just because of this problem. Lets get this fixed. Thanks. JIM

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    Terrible problem with iOS7. Happened on my iPhone 4 when I upgraded to iOS7. NOw I have a 5S and it still happens. THis is really, really a huge issue. I have unknowingly called some people as many as 12 times. I prefer not to redial unless I actively choose to do so. Apple, please fix this ASAP!

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    I have experienced similar issues on iOS6 and iOS7.  I grew extremely frustrated as traffic patterns have forced me to travel through an area with weak cell service and thus I experienced many dropped calls with subsequent redials at inopportune times.  I have found that dropped calls are automatically redialed only when a call is dropped and the phone is in a locked state.  If the phone is not locked, a dropped call will not automatically be redialed, but instead a screen will provide an option to redial or cancel.  I have found this to be true with at least the iPhone 4S and 5 on Sprint and AT&T. 


    I reported this issue to Apple and after a several phone calls and uploads of information to Apple support, they have confrimed that engineering considers this a bug and is working towards a fix.  No date was provided, but I am crossing my fingers that it will eventually be fixed.

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    I have had the same issue which was driving me mad but think I have just found a way around it. In iOS 7 if you swipe up on the lock screen to access quick settings and go into timer then click the home button you get into the phone without calling the person back. Not a great 'fix' but hope it works for you. Come on Apple this isn't good enough, fix this bug otherwise you will lose your customers.

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    This has plagued me too! The solution is easy....go to settings for the notification centre  and remove 'phone' from the lockscreen. Now call failures shouldn't show on the lockscreen and therefore Wong be there to redail the number when the phone is unlocked :)

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    Hello Folks,


    This feature has actually existed in iOS for quite some time now. As Apple considers this a feature and not a bug, it will not get "fixed". I'm sorry, but you will have to either live this one or purchase another cell phone that does not have this problem.


    Best wishes,


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    I do not belive that you really understand this issue. You try to tell us Apple is considering this as a feature and will not fix it? You shurely can tell us all, where to read the official statement of Apple regarding this, or is it still just your imagination? Is IS a bug and it still has to be fixed. It is a result of a deep misunderstanding of the reallive phone usage, well-meant, bad done.


    You are not an Apple official to do such n unreflected announcment.


    Regarding the suggestion to buy another phone: Apple is really hard working on that with permanently decreasing quality and going to build yet another of that stupidly big phablets that will never fit into my hands - if we can trust the rumors about the upcomming iPhone. But hey, they are also working hard on giving an exit scenario by developing iTunes for android (i really hate it, but apple does not make it easy for me).