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When I click on a song in ITunes, the name comes up in the window but it won't play.  What happened?

Thanks in advance   Bobbi

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Restart your computer?


    Do you see the scrollbar moving?  Is it really not playing or do you just not hear anything?


    Have you tried playing it in Quicktime Player? 


    All files or just one file?

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    Dear Limnos,   The songs were really not playing. It didn't matter what song I chose. Nothing would play.   So I turned my computer off.   The next day when I turned it on,  ITunes was working.   I called Apple Care,however he said there was nothing we could check on the phone because it was working and suggested I take it to the Genius Bar.  Meanwhile I tried to make an appt with the Genius Bar and the next available appt  is next week.  I need to use my computer this weekend to play music for an important event.  I am really concerned about what to do if iTunes decides to stop playing the music during the event.   Even if turning it off and turning it back on again, makes it start working again,  The break in the music would be unacceptable at this event and would  probably cause me to lose future jobs. So I am am feeling very worried, esp since I don't know why it stopped playing the music.  Apparently turning it off that night and turning it back on the next day worked the same as re booting.  I guess.

    Don't know about Quick Player.

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    This is part of life's decisions.  You have to determine how fail-safe this all needs to be.  If your career depends upon it you may want to make sure you have a second computer and sound system with 100% redundancy.  It surprises me the number of people who come on here and say they are professional DJs and their hard drive just crashed and they did not have a backup. I would not hire somebody that sloppy, and if your professional career depends upon it then of course you have a backup -- an external hard drive only costs $100.  Yes, a second computer would be expensive, but if I was a professional DJ I would factor it into my costs.  This may be going beyond your needs but I am just observing.  Skydivers have a backup parachute in adddition to their main one because they know what is at risk and decide the cost/trouble is worth it vs. the consequences.  I carry a spare tire in my car.  I do not carry two spares.  I have decided that's my level of risk acceptance vs. inconvenience at filling up the back with spare tires I only need once every 15 years.


    I don't think anybody here knows why it stopped playing music.  Even if you took it to an Apple Store I bet they could not tell you why.  Unless it happens frequently you probably can never determine why.  Every computer, once people start using it, is unique.  It could be iTunes stops playing after you have used Excel for exactly 3 minutes to check the third page of your 2003 household accounting file while listening to The Beatles Hey Jude for 46 seconds after listening to the first movement of Beethoven's 3rd piano concerto while Safari is open to your e-mail account, and only given that set of conditions.

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    I agree with you.  Back up is important.   I do have a back up computer, plus I have 5 external hard drive back ups.  I also sometimes have  back up music  on my IPad depending on the situation.


    Back up isn't the problem.  The problem is,  itunes not playing the songs.  


    If it is true,  that no one knows why itunes suddenly will not play the songs, then there is nothing I can do about this problem except hope it doesn't happen again.  It might be prudent to start looking into other  programs to play music.  If this is an unfixable  itunes problem, I suppose using a back up computer may not be a solution, as the itunes on the back up computer could also  decide not to play the music.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Well, I have been using iTunes for over 10 years and never had it not play a song.  I've had it crash on one occasion last week when playing one particular track which I had messed about with the formatting so much I am not surprised.  It did it several times for the same track and I just went back to my original file.  Otherwise iTunes has been solid for me.


    Of course I am still using iTunes 7.5 and have used it for the past 7 years.  Newer versions have so many bells and whistles that I decided I didn't need I figured why bother upgrading?


    Any program can crash. You can try others but the best way to guarantee success is to simplify the system.  Why not use a CD and a boombox?  There's a lot less to go wrong.


    I imagine is iTunes is fairly well programmed but it is free software targeted at consumer level use.  If you can reliably reproduce the exact situation causing failure then you can send a bug report to Apple.  If you can't then there's not much anybody else can do and frankly I think it is just as likely something similar could happen with any software you use.