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I recently got my iphone 5 a few weeks ago, and I love it.

HOWEVER, whenever it is charging, and I have my headphones in, I can hear a distinct static noise, that usually comes before and after I play audio. Once the music or video is done playing, the static starts up again and seems to get louder when I touch the screen (to scroll and such). This is really bothering me, and I am curious if this is happening to anybody else? Will Apple replace this? This has been a recurring problem, but I doubt I'll be able to proove it in a busy, loud apple store.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Yes, I have this too. Have you got this resolved? Here was what I posted.



    On the iPhone 5, with headphones, you can hear a slight static click just before a sound it initiated-keyboard opens, music starts playing, etc. If you are on contacts and click the keypad tab(switch between keypad and contact tabs is very evident) it also happens. You can also hear it quite well from the going from the home screen to spotlight search and back-of course mute has to be off and keyboard clicks have to be enabled.



    Tried 3 different iPhone 5s, all there. 6 different headphones, all there.  4S has it but much less pronounced. Seems to be the audio amplifier turning on/off. I would have thought they could have eliminated the static popping noise a bit better.

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    I have a similar problem I hear stactic and Iphone volume will increase and decrease on its own. I think my Iphone 5 may have been hacked or tapped.( my Iphone is not jailbroken)

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    alwaystubed wrote:


    You can also hear it quite well from the going from the home screen to spotlight search and back



    Yep. I have the exact same problem.


    If anyone comes up with a fix, please let us know .

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    If theproblem continues even afer an update then bring it back to an Apple Store and the will replace it at no charge if it a maufacturing defect and not somthing caused by you.   Mine crashed everytime I updated it and  brough it in twce so they just replaced it at no cost.