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Can you use international iTunes Gift certificates on US iPad and iTunes?


I have a US iPad and iTunes Store. I now live in Germany and purchased a Gift certificate in Germany. When i Fry to redeem the certificate a Notifikation comes up and says the Gift certificate does Not Match my US iTunes Account. Is there a Way to still use the German Gift certificate?

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
  • King_Penguin Level 10 (120,081 points)

    To be able to use a German gift card you need to have a German iTunes account (and be in Germany, which you are).

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    Everybody use USA iTunes gift cards ..

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    You can only use US gift cards if you are in the US with a US iTunes account

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    Better be careful with "companies" like Netstrada.com...


    I ordered a gift card (100 US$) three days ago and paid with PayPal - and all I got was ignorance and a request to send a photo ID !!!

    These guys are not really business people and they can't even work with their own PayPal account.

    The people at PayPal really laughed out loud about this kind of business behaviour when I told them about.

    I cancelled the process after three days waiting and got my gift card at USGiftCodes.com.

    Worked great within minutes...

    B.t.w. - I live in Germany too...

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    Nonsense !


    You guys are asking people to send photographs and Copys of  ID Cards !


    Since when is a verification of that kind better than a valid PayPal account?


    Who do you think you are to try these jokes on customers ?