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Hi there,


Yesterday I bought an 80Gb Seagate Barracuda drive to act as a slave in my Powermac Dual 1Ghz G4. The master drive is a 40Gb Seagate Barracuda with the jumper settings set to master. I don't know what the settings are to have this new drive act as a slave.


Firstly, the drive does not have any instructions to that effect printed on it. I've googled some help, and tried three different variations of jumper cable setting, and so far this is what I've got:


- The 80Gb drive does not show up on the desktop as an HDD icon in any of the three jumper settings.

- Disk Utility can see the drive, showing it as 73Gb and that it's currently unformatted.


Do I need to format it before it will show up on the desktop as an HDD and I can start transferring files to it? In which case do I just use Disk Utility and select formatting as 'Mac OS Extended (journaled)'?


Also, what is the correct jumper setting for this drive if I want it to be the slave?


This 80Gb HDD was pulled from another Mac, presumably of similar vintage judging by the HDD size, and the fact it has an Apple logo on the manufacturers sticker.


Many thanks for any help :-)

iMac 450 (Indigo and Sage), iMac 600 (Snow), iBook 466 SE, Powermac G4 1GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Ok, i took a punt and erased/formatted. The HDD showed up instantly as an icon and I was able to transfer files.

    I didn't apply a jumper to the HDD. I guess that's it then!


    Sorry for the question, I was just a bit dubious as I never usually get these things right so this is a minor miracle for me. Important though as my little 12" aluminium powerbook (2003 I think), was getting near full and incredibly slow!

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    Hi, good work.


    As a note G4s from QS2002 & up generally use Cable select for jumpers, but the newer IDE cables may work with jumpers set otherwise, as the cable handles the Master/Slave positions.

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    I only heard of 'cable select' for the first time yesterday, from the guy in the second-hand computer shop. Thanks for the extra advice.


    Not that it was an option at the time, but I read conflicting evidence about the maximum hard drive size these Quicksilvers can read. Low End Mac says they can see sizes greater than 128Gb, whilst other places say they cannot.


    that aside, I think its great you can buy what many perceive to be an antiquated, outmoded old machine and add bits to it for next to nothing. The 80Gb drive cost me £10, and the Powermac itself was £15, plus another £15 to max out the ram and £25 for an Apple 15" ADC monitor. Next I want to get a USB2 card so I can use large file memory sticks with it!

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    As I recall, a few of the early, very early QS2002s didn't have big drive support, but later ones did, & of course all the MDDs did.


    Amazingly cheap & useful... I still do all my important stuff on PPC Macs, OSX past a certain point seems only to have improvements for Apple's purposes, not mine.

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    Make no mistake, the DP 1.0 GHz Quicksilver will support large drives unless it has a logic board that was replaced with that from a non-2002 machine.

    Any drive connected will be jumped (properly) to Cable Select, with the desired "Master" drive on the end connector of the IDE cable.


    I have yet to run into any 2002 QS that didn't support large drives (I have 6 around and have sold another half a dozen or so). I don't know that any 2002 machines were ever shipped without the necessary firmware version.


    There were some very late model non-2002 QS machines that had large drive support. They had a different (later) firmware version than all earlier QS models.

    Even so, except for the rare exceptions, as stated, from QS 2002 through all MDDs, large drives are supported.

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    Thanks for the confirmation Japamac, so providing I remove all jumpers from any HDD I pick up in future they will automatically configure according to Cable Select as slave drives. That's cool.