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I purchased a component A/V cable, connected the audio cables to my NAD C725 stereo receiver audio inputs and the component cables to my HD TV; the sound works fine but there's no video when I bring up my photos or play a video; the TV input is correctly set to the component input. Any ideas about why this isn't working?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    the app have to support tv out

    try using the std vdeio app of the iphone it should display video out at least mine always does it's

    an iphone4 my composite cable works too


    but if the app don't support the feature audio is all you get

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    Can you explain further what you mean by "the app" supporting "video out?" When I go to settings and click on videos, the only options are "Start Playing" "Closed Captioning" and "Home Sharing" which allows for me to sign in--which I have done. There is no "video out" option.