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I have a MacBook Pro and needed to have the disk wiped and a new OS installed this week.  They did this at the Apple Store.  So now all of my applications are missing.  I have time machine backups and the applications are there.  I have selected them (microsoft office, dragon dictate and others) and selected restore from time machine.  It coies the files to my system, but when I go to use the application, it says I need to reinstall it.  I also tried just draging the application from the backup disk to the Apps folder, but have the same problem.


How can I get my applications restored?  I thought Time Machine was supposed to allow you to do that.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Insert the OS X DVD that came with your Mac, press C key on boot, go to Utilities > Restore from Backup and restore the backup

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    My system came with Snow Lepord and I downloiaded Lion from the App store. so I cannot do that.  I can boot off of the recovery portion on the hard drive and then do a backup, but that backup was done while the OS was messing up, so I am not sure if it is good.  The Time machine documentation says I can do selective restores, so I now have a good OS and want to restore my missing apps.  Then I can do a full backup and be covered.  When I boot off of the recovery postion, I do not see an option for selective restores.

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    In this case, you have to reinstall your apps if you don't want to erase the drive