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Looking to upgrade from 10.6.8, and find no offers of 10.7.

I did find a download, but the site gives no price for the download, or whether it's a legal version.

It was at softonic.com


I wasn't going to up grade because of my Quark 8, but found out the problems have been solved.


Posted on Quark Discussions:


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Found a soluction from another fellow Quarker:

"Found a workaround for the 10.7.3 and Quark 8.5 problem on an apple forum.Start Quark 8.5 or 8. Go to Preferences / Extension Manager and select the always box in that window.Quit and start Quark again and just hit okay when the Extension Manager window opens, and there they are! The palettes and toolbars are back."

And it worked for me!!"


I hope this posting is correct, if not I can always do a reverse backup from my external drive and go back to 10.6.


Any help is appreciated.

iMac 20, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 3Gb, Titanium 250Gb Ext FireWire Drive. Quark 8.1, PS CS2, Offic