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I've been using Redmatica's EXSManager since very early on. Something like 2005, or 2006. In 2007 I purchased their 'Compendium' package. Everything was fine for years. I'd get regular updates from Andrea and all was well.


I just moved from my aging dual 2.5 PPC Mac G5 to an 8 core Mac Pro. In the process of setting up my studio on this machine I discovered that Redmatica was purchased by Apple Inc.


Which is fine for them, but I need to install and authorize these apps I paid good money for.


I understand Andrea alleges he sent out an email to everysingle registered customer, but I simply never received any such email. And yes, my email address is the same today as it was when I registered all on my Redmatica products.


So here's what I want. I want Apple, or Andrea, or whomever can get me the Redmatica products I paid good money for, authorized on my new machine. Simple.

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    Settle down... this is a Logic user forum. We can't give you the help you're asking for regardless of how much good money you paid. Companies go out of business all the time. By choosing to stay on a ppc g5 for so many years you have missed MANY product updates along the way. Honestly, Redmatica owes you nothing. I know I got the email from andrea and I downloaded the last available update even though  did not yet need it. MAYBE if you try asking nicely, some fellow user might try to send you the update........

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    And just for the record... I feel your pain. I owned an Aardvark Q10 audio interface. They went belly up just before Apple launched OSX and they never wrote OSX drivers for it. I had to abandon it. Cost me around $1000. But I love my Apogee Ensemble.

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    Stuff happens.


    I'm still sore about the time that M-audio purchased Wizoo - makers of my still all-time favorite virtual instrument, Darbuka - and then just immediately let it die. For about a year I maintained a separate PPC Mac for no other purpose than to run this instrument before it just became too impractical. I still miss it terribly.


    This is why people stll buy hardware.

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    A couple weeks ago I did a lot of searches regarding this matter. Long before I posted here. I emailed Andrea directcly too. So I decided to try beating the bushes because there seems little left to try.


    My understanding is everybody had 4 days from the receipt of the email to deal with this in whatever way they needed to deal with it. I'm not a casual Logic user. I use it for a living. This is not the kind of thing I would have missed, or neglected. Had I been notified.


    This is the first time I've ever had to deal with something like this. It's one thing to loose a single instrument. I can appreciate that, but I'm trying to bring a 85gig, 750,000+ sample EXS24 library back to being fully useable.


    Sometimes, emails fail, and the sender doesn't get any bounce back info. It happens. I was recently on the phone with a client while they repeatedly tried to send me an email. In spite of the address being correct, it simply wasn't working. It happens.


    I have no doubt Andrea would have sent me an email. I have all kinds of reasons to find it entirely plausible I didn't receive it. I don't know what else to try.

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    Max... I feel your pain also. Although I did receive the email from Redmatica, the download link has long since expired. (I guess Apple must have 'encouraged' Andrea to pull the website?!!)


    Hopefully much of Andrea's work will see the light of day in future EXS incarnations (although I think it's worth noting many people only became aware of Redmatica's software because of the EXS's lack of basic functions - like being able to find samples!)


    Software comes & goes - there's never any guarantees (I had a similar experience with Bias Peak recently). But so does hardware... samplers, ADAT, DAT, Tape, & mixers have all been superseded to some extent by the mighty DAW...

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    Thanks everyone.

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    F~L~E~X~I~S wrote:


    Software comes & goes - there's never any guarantees (I had a similar experience with Bias Peak recently). But so does hardware... samplers, ADAT, DAT, Tape, & mixers have all been superseded to some extent by the mighty DAW...


    It's an interesting point actually. Of course, although my samplers and DAT machines and tape decks and mixers have (arguably) been superseded to some extent by DAWs*, they do still work and I could** use them if I wanted to. Here we're talking about software that just flat out suddenly doesn't work any more.


    Conversely though, when a bit of hardware (be it a TV, and old computer, a Betamax machine) outlives its usefulness or breaks down to the point of non-repair, we just dump it. Somehow though, we expect software to last forever, and we really shouldn't.



    * I still do all my mixing and bouncing on a console and tape, but I do all my editing in Logic. I don't miss splicing tape.

    ** And do. Every day.

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    do you still own your old G5?


    Then you can try to mount the volume containing the exs-files over the network on the G5 and rebuild the library there. That´s the way I did it... works