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My workplace upgraded my Macbook Pro (2.26 GHz Intel Core Duo) to 10.7.5 last week.  Yesterday, I had to do two presentations in two different locations and had the same problem.  I usually present with Keynote ('09, v5.2) with a "Presenter Display" on the laptop screen and the slides on a projector, connected via the MiniDisplayPort to VGA adapter.  This worked just fine under 10.6 on this same machine.


Yesterday, I noted that while I was able to connect to the projectors and have them configured as a second display, the moment I told Keynote to "Play", it would put the slides on the laptop screen and blank the projector screen.  Changing the option to have the presenter info on the other screen didn't seem to help.


I also noted that it selected an 800x600 resolution for the projectors in both cases, but when I manually pushed it up to 1024x768, it seemed to accept it.  (Although all had the same result when I hit play.)


When I told the MBP to mirror both displays, it ran fine, although I didn't have the benefit of the "next slide", time elapsed, etc etc information.  (I survived.)


Any thoughts about what's going on?  I can't seem to find any similar incidents out there...



Keynote, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Okay, so I solved my own problem.  :-)  I was looking at Keynote preferences under the "Presenter Display" section, but I never looked at the "Slideshow" section.  Turns out the settings got changed around on the "Present using Primary Display" and "Secondary Display" setting.  Once I got them fiddled around correctly, it worked.


    I have to say that having those settings in one section and the "Use alternate display to view presenter information" in another section makes it easy to overlook.