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Hi everyone.

I have a lot of questions concerning The Sims 3 on a MacBook Pro. I had the Sims 3 on a Windows Vista and it was super slow. Here goes nothing!


     - I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro (late 2011)

     - Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB

     - Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5

     - I got my MacBook Pro THIS Summer (2012) and I really don't want it to slow down, etc.


Here are my questions/concerns:


     - If I download TS3 on my Mac, will it slow down my Mac? (ex. Safari, Word Doc's, iTunes, Photos, etc.)

     - If I install EP's (ex. Seasons, Pets, Generations) will that effect the speed of the game & my mac?

     - If I use 3rd party Custom Content what are the effects?

     - How does TS3 run on a Mac? Fast? Slow? Medium?

     - How do graphics look?

     - Do stuff packs effect the speed of the game?

     - Is installing TS3 recommended if you use your Mac for HW, emailing, school purposes?



I probably have more questions but I haven't thought of them haha. Please! Ask me questions about my mac, and tell me about how TS3 runs on your mac.

http://www.thesims3.com/game/systemreq This is the link for the system requirements for TS3. I'm not too computer savvy when it comes to things like this so any help would be nice!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Mac runs super fast!
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    I can't presently read thesims website.  If the Intel HD Graphics card is not mentioned on the specs, then it won't run on your Mac, or might run itself very slowly.  If it is mentioned, and so are cards that have much less MB on them for graphics, then chances are it will run OK on your Mac, and might be able to multitask with it.  If only that many MB or more are mentioned on the graphics card, don't expect it to multitask very well.  Generally speaking your hard drive will be your achilles heal in any software even if it is up to specs.  Don't let it get over 85% full.  This is from user experience and not based on any spec.  If you plug in the power to the computer, you will get more performance than if you run unplugged.  For better game support, you can check some Mac gaming pages*: