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Hello All , 


As you can see the picture below ;

my output device had stuck at digital out.

I'd tried tricks like needles,etc... they work for a while and the sound is going again after sleep mode or restart.
i put in a jack and out 5-6 times , everything turns to original. and on, i made cmnd-shift-p-r for to save it. Ok still goes well. After I inserting the headphone jack inside and remove it,sound disappers again.(digital output again)
I am about to get mad,please someone help me...



Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 6.20.45 PM.png

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5), 15-inch, Early 2011
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    you might want to try a different set of headphones, as the connectors can vary slightly in size, and this may be causing the micro switch to hang up.  Also do not ever stick a needle or anything that can conduct electricity in the jack, use a Q tip with end cut off, or a wooden toothpick.

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    thanks but i'd already used a wooden toothpick. not a lasting solution.
    2 hours ago , everything was working fine,i let my laptop gone sleep and open it now. sign is here ; Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 12.13.16 AM.png
    sound icon seems grey and blocked!
    what i have to do i dnot know

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    Try after you have it working with the toothpick, removing the headphones after putting it to sleep, and seee if it works upon waking.

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    while i receive sound from internal speaker (by putting in & out a jack several times)(also the only way)
    i made P-R ... trying several combinations...
    when i let my laptop go sleep , it wakens without sound...
    output is going to digital out regularly!

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    One more thing to try, go to utilities, Audio/MIDI Set up, click output tab, highlight built-in output, then for source select Internal Speakers.  Hope this helps.  If you still have issues go to the Apple store, they diagnose problems for free, and if it is still under wrrenty, or you have AppleCare they will fix it.  Sorry I could not be of any help to you.  SJP

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    I don't know what P-R means, if you mean a pram reset it goes like this:  Power down, power back up holding the following keys:  OPTION, COMMAND, P,R (no commas) press these keys before the start up chime. Continue to hold these keys till you hear the start chime 2 times, then release. Check your audio output, then reboot.  Check again. if no joy take to Apple store.  All the best.