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This is not entirely iCal related, but iCal users might encounter this and solve the problem.


I have a Google Calendar which I sync with 2 iPhones (Exchange server, m.google.com) and an iPad. The Google account has one main calendar (mandatory) and 3 secondary calendars. All worked well until some days ago.


As soon as I create an event on a device from a calendar which is NOT the main calendar, invitations are sent to the other 2 devices. This invitation requests "Maybe", "Decline" or "Accept" action and has no "Edit" button anymore. This is not what should happen. I always got a simple copy of the created event to the other 2 devices.


I didn't change anything within Google Calendar settings or any of the iPhones/iPad.


Anyone having an idea what goes on here?



iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1