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This is not entirely iCal related, but iCal users might encounter this and solve the problem.


I have a Google Calendar which I sync with 2 iPhones (Exchange server, m.google.com) and an iPad. The Google account has one main calendar (mandatory) and 3 secondary calendars. All worked well until some days ago.


As soon as I create an event on a device from a calendar which is NOT the main calendar, invitations are sent to the other 2 devices. This invitation requests "Maybe", "Decline" or "Accept" action and has no "Edit" button anymore. This is not what should happen. I always got a simple copy of the created event to the other 2 devices.


I didn't change anything within Google Calendar settings or any of the iPhones/iPad.


Anyone having an idea what goes on here?



iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    I did some more testing ...


    I can simply the issue now.


    When I create an event using the Google Calendar web interface, iPhones do get these events as invitations and not as events as such. This was never the case.


    Anyone else using Google Calendar with iCal and/or iPhone?


    It would help already if I would know that other people don't have this effect.


    BTW ... I just noticed that the effect doesn't show on iPad (iOS 6.0.0). Both affected iPhones have 6.0.1. Is it iOS version related?



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    I checked up this issue with several collegues.


    To me it looks confirmed that the bug was introduced with iOS 6.0.1.


    Is there any Apple contact where I can report this bug?


    Besides this ... is it possible to downgrade from 6.0.1 to 6.0.0 without data loss?



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    Strange that nobpdy knows this ...


    It seems to be an iOS 6.0.1 bug as I learned through the Google forum.