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internet cach is acting up was told safari then pref advanced and show desk top and then from there I should see clear cache I went to safari saw it there and did still wont clear  I was on pal talk it went to 70% when down loaded then froze on me is it my programs or the Paltalk it self thanks

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    What is 'pal talk'?


    What Mac do you have and what version of OS X?

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    After reading your question on Paltalk, I was curious as to what it was.


    I looking it up to find that it is a videoconferencing software.


    After reading the reviews on it, I know for a fact I am totally not interested it learning any more about it. Any software with that poor of record of fixing problems is not something I want to mess with.



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    Paltalk is a chat room for gays and christion rooms and music rooms almost like yahoo chat yrs ago. 10.5.8 here as well.

    thanks Nice cat by the way

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    well Allen if U dont want to help me out then then dont damb reply to my ?s thanks simple as that if I KNEW how to block u I would of

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    wow,  let me come at it this way


    safari (browser has one cache)

    paltalk (check this link out to confirm) http://www.paltalk.com  has a lot of options.


    is it safe to assume you are signed on via the internet only or are you using a client interface like paltalk express

    or something along those line.  


    if it is you could clean your safari caches, history etc.... and still have an issue due to the client being filled up

    and you would have to look at settings on that side as well

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    Have you contacted Pal Talk for advice?


    You might try looking in Home/Library/Caches to see if any of the Pal Talk caches are there - which is where they should be - and delete them.


    Also, set you Safari cache Database Storage) to zero in Safari Preferences/Security.

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    thanks so much Michael. yes they had issues with paltalk express for macs I wished they had something better thanks all.