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I would like money back, spent for ingame features, what to do ?


I can prove that game developers acted unfair (cheated), I have all screenshots, and all information from game.

What to do ?

Should I ask game developers for moneyback or should I report it to Apple?


In short:

- some people cheated in game, got top ranks and best positions

- after while devs admited that players were cheating,

- but they didn't stop them, they just punished them, by cutting their points to half, meaning they left them in the game,

- even cutting them on half, left them on top positions, one of the guys on the first place,

- devs admited in game, that they found cheating from those players, and didn't do much about it.


I don't care about game, but I care about time spent in it and money spent on it. Time, well I had fun and I can't return it, but money, I believe I could and should get money back if I ask !





I was attacked in game, by one of the cheaters, and he made cheat move on me as well, he shouldn't be able to attack me, but he did, he shouldn't be able to move twice, but he did, ... so that is reason I want money back, not only that cheaters are not banned, they still cheat !!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    you seem to be speaking to apple

    but this is a user helping user forum apple don't read or write here at all if you wish to compalain or repport abuse you may wish to use another channel such as the feedback


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    I know that this is user forum, I'm aware of it.


    As you see I ask what to do, maybe some users had similar situation, and they know where to contact, what to do ?


    I tried to contact Apple, but to be honest, I couldn't find good place for it. It asked for some information, and on end asked me for phone call support, ...


    Thanks for link, I will try it.


    I keep getting:

    "It looks like your product is not covered for complimentary technical support, so you may need to purchase a single incident of support."


    And I need to pay $19 + Tax to call them ?!

  • Limnos Level 9 Level 9

    I was going to suggest


    How to report an issue with Your iTunes Store purchase


    but the document is missing.


    My memory of it is you should contact the developers first.  If you cannot resolve the situation with them then you can bring it to Apple's attention.


    iTunes Customer Service Contact - http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact.html > Get iTunes support via Express Lane > iTunes > iTunes Store


    Apple almost certainly cannot change the app's programming.  They likely would have to decide the problem is so egregious that they pull the app completely from the Store.

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    Thanks, Limnos, mail sent !