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Ok so I am able to connect my laptop to my TV and stream my movies onto the tv to watch, but after a few minutes the video starts to lag and my audio is all off wack. Only way I can fix this is to pause the movie and then resume it. The tv is brand new and I have never used my HDMI port prior to doing this. Is there a solution to fixing this or can Apple fix this in itunes performance?

Itunes, Windows 7
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    If your movie plays OK on your computer and the lag problem exists only while streaming it to the TV via HDMI cable - this will not be a proble with iTunes.

    This will be computers or TV weak hardware. Also make sure you use HDMI cable at least 1.4 as older cables have lower transfer and can cause problems.



    Let us know more details if it needs more troubleshooting.



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    The HDMI cable is from my xbox and my tv is a brand new plasma LG model. My laptop was is a tripple core processor and there isnt anything wrong with it. Ive streamed netflix from my laptop to my tv the same way and don't encounter that problem, its only with itunes. Even playing a blue ray disc in my laptop to my tv doesnt lag.