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Perhaps my question has been answered in another area, but I couldn't find it.  I, like others who have upgraded to iphoto 11 have lost all my pictures.  They are not on the new iphoto version nor in any of the picture library files.  Are they gone?  If not, where do I start looking for them?  Never had a problem like this before.  Any Advice?



intel based mac pro
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    What system are you running and what version of iPhoto do you currenty have? How did you perform the upgrade? From an iLife disc or from the App Store?


    Is there an iPhoto Library package in your Pictures fodler?  If so what is its size as shown in the Finder?



    Is that size large enought to include your photos?



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    Thanks for your help.  I am running OS10.7.5 and have V. 9.4.2 of iphoto 11.  I upgraded from the app store.   I can't find any other libraries in the pictures folder except for the new one from iphoto 11, which is 18.9 MB.  Are my pictures lost?