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There is an id in my Buddy List (Jabber) that I have never chatted with and I have no idea who this person/id is. I click on 'Remove Buddy' but it doesn't go away.

How do I get rid of this id ?

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    It is less likely that a Jabber Buddy will stay in a list when removed.

    AIM have a separate group that is held on their Servers of people that have contacted but ARE NOT in the Buddy list.  It is called Recent Buddies and in later version of iChat and Messages you can decide not to show it but you cannot delete people from this group - and therefore the displayed list if it is ON.


    However if you have more than one computer that is logged in to the Jabber server the second computer will keep re-adding (or stop the deletion) of the Buddy.

    This can also happen when you are using a GoogleTalk ID and are logged in with a Web Browser to the Google Mail page or iGoogle where the Chat option is displayed.


    Certain Social sites can have "Buddies" that are news and notification robots that can be added by those site having "permission" to access your Buddy list (normally with Google or Facebook accounts)



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