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takashifromhuntington station Level 1 Level 1

When I tried to export a page document to word, it says unknown error (no error code). I can convert it to pdf. Maybe page file is corrupt because I can do with another page document. How can I recover the corrupt file if it is corrupt? Duplicating file does not solve the problem. Duplicated file also face the same problem. Could anyone help?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Peggy Level 8 Level 8

    Try copying the content & pasting into a new Pages document.


    Since this is happening in several situations, it is quite likely that your Pages preferences are corrupt rather than individual documents. When something that used to work stops doing so, the most likely culprit is corrupt preferences. Go to HD > Users > (your account) > Library > Preferences, delete the file & then restart Pages. In Finder, hold down the Option key while clicking on the Go menu & your user Library will appear about halfway down the list.



  • takashifromhuntington station Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you Peggy for your trying to help me. However, it did not work. First, I copied and pasted. The same message as you can see below appears with a new document. Second, I deleted the file . However, the same error message will show up.


  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7

    What version of Pages are you using and is there anything unique about the document?


    Have you tried exporting another simple (just a few words) document to .doc to see if that works?



  • takashifromhuntington station Level 1 Level 1

    Page version is 4.2 (1008) of Page '09. And I can convert other Page documents to word without any problem. That is why, I think it is a problem with the file. But, copy and paste to a new documents did not work as I had written above. I do not have pictures but have a few tables. The similar length of documents with 279 kb can be converted to doc. without any problem. I am not sure if a table (or multiple tables) or maybe fonts are the reasons. It just take so much time to test everything. Is there a way to quickly find this out if potentially fonts or tables are the culprits?

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7

    No, you will have to eliminate them one by one, or better still add them one by one until it fails, and label the versions as you go.


    There are differences between Pages and Word, some irreconcilable.



  • takashifromhuntington station Level 1 Level 1

    OK. Thank you, Peter.

  • ifmolteni Level 1 Level 1

    Peter, I found this old post, so I hope you are still receiving email notifications of posts.


    I am having the same problems, getting an unknown error message converting from .pages to .doc. However, I think the problem may be that I'm trying to convert a Resume template. Is it possible that since I used a Pages template that it won't convert the file to .doc?

  • Arvolina Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem, which I did not have before Christmas. (I was taking a class then, also.)  Last semester I was able to open a word doc in pages, complete my assignment, saving in Cloud as I went, then save a copy as a word doc by holding down the option key.


    Today I get the error message.  This is not good.  My assignment must be uploaded in 2 hours.  It's 15 pages long.

  • Yellowbox Level 6 Level 6
    Mac OS X

    Hi Arvolina,


    save a copy as a word doc by holding down the option key.


    I don't know how you did this. What version of Pages are you using? What version of System?


    In Pages'09 under Mountain Lion, "Save as" (option key) saves a copy as a Pages document and allows you give it a new name.


    To export as a Word document, use the Menu > Share > Export > Word...




  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7

    It would be helpful to know what the error messages are and Arvolina whether your problem is saving or opening the .doc.


    Also what versions of Pages and OSX.


    If you don't spell it out we are just guessing.



  • ifmolteni Level 1 Level 1

    Peter, I am using OS X 10.8.2 and Pages '09 [v. 4.3 (1048)]. I am receiving the exact same error message of which "TakashifromHungington Station" posted a screen cap above -- Unknown Error.


    My document can be converted to .pdf and .txt files without any problem; therefore, I wonder my document cannot be converted into Word because I created my document using a Pages document template. Perhaps the document features that exist in the Pages template are simply incompatible with Word.



  • Arvolina Level 1 Level 1

    I will try to explain again.


    My OS is v10.8.2 Mountain lion

    I am on a MacBook Pro


    I have Pages 09 v4.3 (1048)


    I use Parallels Desktop 8 (Revision 823166; December 4, 2012)


    I use Windows 7


    I use Word 2010


    I have not tried to use windows since late december. Yesterday, I noted that I was unable to open ANY Word document that was already on my computer that I could open before. They are all greyed out.  I can create new ones, and after updating Parallels, could download and open a new Word file, which I could not open earlier in the day.


    When I am in pages, I can open a word document, and it will save as a Pages document.  If I try to EITHER export the document, or SAVE A COPY, I get error messages.


    When I attempt to export, the error message I recieve is: An unknown error occured. An unknown error occured.


    When I attempt to Save As/Save a Copy as a Word Document, the error message I recieve is: The Document (filename).pages could not be exported as (filename).doc  An unknown error occured.


    When I attempt to create a new Word doc, open it as a Pages doc that saves to Icloud, then export it as a word doc again, I can successfully have my word doc. 


    So, in my case, how can I open word docs that were created either on my computer, or word docs that I am downloading from my college's server as a Pages doc, then successfully save as/export them?


    Last night my work-around was to update parallels, copy the pages doc into a google email, email it to myself, open that email on the windows side, redownload the original assignment, paste my answers (all 15 pages of work, by the way, text only, no graphs or images), and manually fix all of the fonts, margins and spaces.  I NEVER want to have to do that at the last minute ever again.



  • CHess52 Level 1 Level 1

    I updated my operating system yesterday. Then I updated Pages. Ooops.


    The Save As Word feature appears to be gone. This is not an improvement. Looks like now I need to save as pages, then export as Word. Not an improvement. Wonder if in the long run Apple is trying to get me to buy MicroSoft Word. Very big set back today as I work on documents that need to be shared with Word.doc and Word.docx users.


    If anyone has found a way back to the simpler way of doing things, please advise. Maybe I just need to save each document with the new Pages and then I'll get the old feature back? Dreaming ...

  • rkimball Level 1 Level 1

    I do not think Pages 09 has a "Save as Word" feature.  As far as I can see, you mneed to export the file to a Word document format or send it via email as a word doc.

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