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Does anyone have any new information on this?  I bought a brand new iPod classic because my old one was getting the error msg .50 error - thought my iPod was just getting old.  Having same problem with the new one.


Should I just return it and find some other product?



iPod classic, Windows XP
  • planb77 Level 7 Level 7

    Does this error appear each time the iPod hits a certain track?  Have you seen this article yet?

    iTunes displays -50 error message when syncing iPod on Windows XP



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    I have Vista and am having a similar problem.  It is certain tracks, and only copies a small portion of my library.  It will also say towards the end of sync that the ipod can't be found.  I've restored it twice.  When I try to run a diagnostic on the ipod, it hangs at just under 50%.  It's a 7th? Gen, 160gig ipod.  This has been very frustrating.  All was fine until about a week ago.  Never had issues syncing. 

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    I found my problem.  It was only stopping on my latest album downloads from Amazon - once I deleted them from my music library, the sync worked without problems.  I re-added the songs one at a time by opening them to play and add to the library that way.  Haven't had a problem since.  Both iPods are now syncing without any issues.


    So I have a new iPod I didn't need; a new hard-drive that had a bad spot, but wasn't cause the issue; plus my hours of deleting/syncing/copying/etc.


    If you've downloaded any songs from places other than iTunes, you might try eliminating those before buying all new stuff.