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i have an apple computer and it just keeps loading at the apple symbol there is a waiting lne it goes to about 1/10th through it then the line dissapeares and this thing just sits and spins and spins for ages so i tried turning my computer on and holding cmd and v and i read something about "The volume macintosh hd could not be repaired " also i tried that ten or fifteen times and it finally let me in but would not let me access anything apart from the internet the pointer just kept spinning on the desktop but fine on the internet help? please any help would be greatley apprichatted

Reply by Rambling Joe on Nov 22, 2012 2:08 AM Helpful

I don't sell it.  I don't guarantee it.  It was a suggestion, since nothing else you've tried seems to have worked. You might have a hardware problem that would require service from a qualified Apple Repair facility. 


Contact Alsoft support.  Try to describe your problem and see what they say. 


DiskWarrior has saved a lot of people from a lot of problems.  That much I can guarantee you.


Good luck.

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